We don’t have enough video game holidays. Technically I don’t think we have any, unless you count every sick day you ever took just so you could stay home and play your favorite game or MMO for just a few more hours. We can stand for it no longer! We have a holiday where we dress up in silly costumes, and one that’s dedicated to watching a furry rodent coming out of the ground – but no special day just for video games.

Well, those days are over! From this day forth we declare 5 international video game holidays to be celebrated every year. We’ll get back to you on the exact dates, but feel free to mark them on your calendars anyway, whenever you see fit.

Stay Home and Play Video Games Day

This one is obvious. One day a year where everyone can stay home just to play video games. We realize it will probably mean society will come to the brink of collapse, but we think it’s worth it. Of course, you don’t have to celebrate Stay Home and Play Video Games Day by playing video games, but then again – what other reason do you have to stay home all day?!

Be Nice to Someone Online Day

A holiday we desperately need. This one isn’t necessarily restricted to voice chat (or just regular chat) when playing online, but that’s one of the places a little kindness is definitely needed. Just for one day, try not to curse the many relatives of someone who beat you fair and square in a match. Instead, compliment them on their superior tactics and their apparent lack of lag (it’s always the lag’s fault).

Out of Your Comfort Zone Day

On this most adventurous of days, video game enthusiasts are encouraged to playing something different; something they wouldn’t usually play. If you’re a hardcore shooter fan, try a slower, more methodical online strategy game. If you’re an MMORPG master, why not give that new 2D platformer a shot. There are plenty of games out there you might actually enjoy, so open your mind and explore the vast world of interactive media.

The Next Game in Your Favorite Series Just Came Out Week

You might think that this is the same as the Stay Home and Play Video Games Day, but you’d be wrong. This sacred week is dedicated to the newest game in your all-time favorite video game series. Every couple of years (or decades if you’re a Valve and Blizzard fan), you get to take a whole week to yourself to play your most anticipated game ever, and then gripe about it online. It’s a time-honored gaming tradition, and everyone else will just have to respect that, ok?

Summer Sale

Yes, we are well aware that this is already a thing, but it needs to be a two-week mandated holiday. The official opening and closing ceremonies will be streamed online, and gamers from all over the world will come together and celebrate what the human race loves most – bargains. Why two weeks? Well, the first is so you can find all those games you really wanted to play throughout the year, and the second is solely to give you enough time to play them all. Or most. Or just the one or two if you’re going for a 100% completion rating with all the achivements.

Are your calendars all set? Good! Enjoy the traditional video gamer’s meal of nachos and soda, recite your video gaming oath, and delve into the depths of yet another dungeon / zombie apocalypse / haunted space station / magical wonderland of loot. Happy gaming!

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