If you’re eager for a new medieval game on your PC, Plarium just came out with Throne: Kingdom at War. Previously an iOS and Android exclusive, Throne is now available on Internet browsers Read More

Stronghold Kingdoms is an MMO version of the popular Stronghold RTS series It’s a castle building MMO set in medieval times, where players are tasked with fortifying their village against attacks, optimizing their Read More

SAO’s Legends, or Sword Art Online’s Legends, is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG based on the anime Sword Art Online. The game is heavily rooted in the series, and you’ll get to fight against Read More

The extra time is worth the effort when safety is on the line! As a gamer, you can never discount the importance of an authenticator. This is a way of safeguarding the security Read More

Vikings: War of Clans – Leading Hardcore Strategy Game Sharp axes, grizzled beards and horned helmets – everyone loves and fears the vicious Vikings warriors. Plarium Games seem to realize that in their Read More

Heroes Evolved by R2Games is a MOBA with a capital M (capital O, B, and A as well). It follows the formula laid out by the phenomenal League of Legends and DotA2 to Read More

Create Your Vision of Ancient Greece the Way You like it! Grepolis is one of those highly-detailed MMO strategy games which you can enjoy direct off your browser. This flash-based game is 100% Read More

Exploring the Fantasy-land of Fiesta MMORPG Fiesta: Pagel’s Invasion is an online RPG that caters to players who enjoy anime. The game is fully immersive and is a fusion of mysticism, fantasy and Read More

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