Fiesta Online

Exploring the Fantasy-land of Fiesta MMORPG
Fiesta: Pagel’s Invasion is an online RPG that caters to players who enjoy anime. The game is fully immersive and is a fusion of mysticism, fantasy and action galore. The game was published by gamigo – a gaming giant responsible for creating multiple MMO games, MMORPG games and scores of Free-2-Play games. The games are available in a browser-based format and in a fully downloadable mode. Fiesta is a browser-based game with plenty of heart-stopping action at the click of a button. You begin in a fantasy world known as Isya, and it is there that you will forge alliances with fellow players, prepare yourself for adventures and steel your resolve against your enemies. This is world-class anime, and there are plenty of quests for you to embark upon with your allies. You can customize the game in the sense that your characters can be personalized and you can easily forge new alliances. The range of daily challenges is vast, and you will find a community of fun-loving players at the ready.

What is this game all about?
The graphics and animation in the game are certainly well worth exploring. Beautiful, artistic backdrops and a terrific musical score propel this game through various stages and levels as you advance and strengthen your character. You begin by choosing your class from the range of beautifully-animated characters. These include the Fighter, the Mage, the Cleric, the Archer, the Joker, or the Crusader. Once you have selected your character, you will be able to join dungeons and raids – that’s where the real action takes place. It is highly immersive combat, with feature-rich animation and dazzling audio-visuals. The bosses are impressive, powerful and frightening – making your victories ever sweeter. They include dragons, monsters, marauding behemoths and other wicked villains. It is a spectacular light show of firepower at its very best – like 4 July being lit up on your screen. Tremendous effort has gone into creating the backdrops in this fascinating game, and you will see this when you engage in battle scenes in different locations. Warriors will come at you in their traditional garb, in incredible fight sequences that make for unforgettable anime explosive action. The events that take place are nothing short of dazzling, but it’s the immersive and integrated nature of the game where players rally around one another that make it so enticing. The storyline is intense and well-developed, and this only adds to the overall authenticity and excitement of Fiesta online.
Best Aspects of the Game

Fiesta comprises a master & apprentice system where you are able to rack up levels of experience as an apprentice and then once you’re ready, you can share this knowledge and wisdom when you become a master. There are scores of kingdom quests that you can embark upon where battle scenes with up to 20 players are possible. There are incredible rewards up for grabs as you advance through different quests. The daily bonus system allows you to collect rewards for all sorts of daily quests that you take up, strengthening your character in the process. Once you are good and ready, you will be able to take a fellow player as your husband or wife in the fantasyland of Isya. This is a great way for you to team up with your partner in pursuit of preventing evil from conquering the beautiful land of Isya. Since you have 6 classes of characters to choose from, there is plenty of variety available to you.

The bottom line is this game is worth playing – it’s fun, immersive and a standout attraction from the rest.

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A Wild Anime Party with Fiesta Online MMO Game!


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