Create Your Vision of Ancient Greece the Way You like it!
Grepolis is one of those highly-detailed MMO strategy games which you can enjoy direct off your browser. This flash-based game is 100% free to play and the in-game audio-visuals make for a truly entertaining spectacle. The level of detail in Grepolis is easily visible in the epic strategic battles that you fight; the backdrops of ancient Greece; the gods and their skill sets; and the technological advances in the game. This game is available to players on PC, Android smartphones or tablets, and iOS smartphones and tablets. The apps are available from the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

Awaken the Gods and Destroy Your Enemies
Grepolis is one of the most popular MMO strategy games on the market, sporting over 25 million registered players. In terms of immersive action, this game ranks right up there with the best of them. You will be thrust into ancient Greece and you are tasked with aligning yourself with players across the spectrum. During the course of your gaming sessions, you will be seeking out the powers of the Greek Gods in Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Hera. You can choose from multiple personal guardians in Grepolis, and their unique powers will allow you to speed up production times, weaken your enemies, or strengthen your forces.

Build a Thriving Metropolis
You have many tasks to undertake, including the recruitment of armies on land and sea. You must build legendary units such as Pegasus and Hydra as you are laying the foundations for a strong and thriving community. The moment you begin, you have a smallholding under your control. This is known as a polis, and you must build it into a thriving metropolis. Of course, this all takes a lot of time, effort and investment. Your empire will be comprised of 8 monuments in 13 unique buildings. Among them are harbors, mines and timber camps. You will have access to an impressive range of technologies – 13 in total – through the Academy of Grepolis.

The strategic component of this game is nestled in the alliances that you must forge with fellow players, and the skills that you must acquire in your pursuit of dominance. You will be required to build a metropolis of epic proportions, defend it with all your might and vanquish your rivals. There are scores of islands that pepper the gaming landscape, and each of them has enough space for 20 city positions. As soon as you have racked up sufficient control, you will be able to create a world wonder. It takes approximately 2 years to make it to the end game, dependent on how many cities have been constructed and on how many players are engaged. So you should be advised that this is a time-consuming process, but certainly an entertaining one. The game runs 24/7, even when you are not online. Be aware that you will not be able to hide your armies from advancing forces and you’re always open to attack – so you may wish to leave your browser active with alerts otherwise you may find yourself awakening to a decimated force.

The game is free to play, but it has a pay-to-play option available where you can purchase your own gold. This allows you to strengthen your forces, gain favor with the Gods, increase your overall level of resources and reduce the time taken to construct your armies, cities and the necessary research that is needed to make things work. Chat functionality is somewhat limited, with global chat options unavailable in the game. Most players agree however that external chat resources are preferable – Skype, WhatsApp, and so forth. While the level of detail is good for an MMO game, it is limited to just 2 perspectives. You don’t see real-time battle scenes taking place before your eyes – rather you receive reports with results detailing damage done and damage inflicted on your forces.

The Pros and Cons of Grepolis
It’s always great when you get to play an MMO game like this one for free. It runs direct off your browser with no download required. It is a fabulous forum interface that you can use and there is a large community of active players, numbering 25 million in total. The user interface has room for improvement, and fortunately the game developers and designers are seriously looking into making upgrades wherever possible. The game does however take a lot of time to play and this is a bit of a disincentive to players looking for quick results or an expeditious adventure. The fact that you have an option to pay to purchase additional resources such as gold gives an advantage to players with money. But this is pretty much the norm with many free to play MMO games nowadays!

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Get ready to travel back in time to ancient Greece in Grepolis!


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