Heroes Evolved by R2Games is a MOBA with a capital M (capital O, B, and A as well). It follows the formula laid out by the phenomenal League of Legends and DotA2 to the letter, and even manages to tweak it just a little to bring something new. With a rather large cast of heroes but only two maps and modes, can Heroes Evolved compete with these giants? Probably not, but it is still a very good, lightweight MOBA.

When I say “lightweight”, I don’t mean bareboned. Heroes Evolved has everything you’ve come to expect from the MOBA genre: lots of unique heroes to choose from, 3-lane map, creeps, towers, bases – the works. Even with all those features, Heroes Evolved is only a 35MB download away, which means you can jump right into it literally seconds after you finish reading this review.

However, this tiny size comes at a price. I mentioned LoL and DotA2 before, and that wasn’t an accident. Heroes Evolve is pretty much the same as those game, only on a smaller scale. How small? Well, the roster is actually pretty big, with over 55 different heroes to choose from, each assigned to a role like “carry” or “ganker”. But 55 is a lot less than the 100+ characters of both LoL and DotA2. Furthermore, most of the Heroes of Heroes Evolved are almost carbon copies of much popular LoL and DotA2 heroes. It’s not a big issue, and it can exactly help experienced MOBA players pick up a certain character and immediately know how to use it, but it could have been nice to have something more original that did feel like a rip-off.

Every hero has its own set of 4 skills, one of which is a unique and powerful Ultimate ability that can be very useful if used at the right moment. You can upgrade a hero using the Glyph system, which is again pretty similar to what you can find in other MOBAs. Once you level up a hero enough, Glyph slots will unlock, allowing you to equip Jewels with different bonuses and attributes. These can be anything from extra damage against buildings, to extra Health potion storage. They help you customize your hero just enough to suit your play style.

These heroes all fight each other, and various creeps, in one of two modes / maps. Altar of Strife is your classic, 3 lanes MOBA map. It hosts 5v5 matches where the goal is the same as every other MOBA – destroy the enemy’s towers and base, here called Aegis. If you ever played LoL or DotA2 you’ll know exactly what to expect. The second mode is Valley of War, and it’s a bit different. This map has just one wide lane between the two bases, and is focused on action rather than strategy. The twist of randomly chosen heroes adds another fun layer to the chaos. Competitive gamers will be happy to know that even the most chaotic match is automatically recorded, so they can opt to save the footage and study it later.

Just like the gameplay, story is pretty straightforward. The Sorcerer King Zakar has forced humanity underground almost 300 years ago. Now, a group of heroes rise up to fight him and reclaim their people’s freedom. Players will have to develop and test their skills not only against other players, but also against Zakar’s armies of vicious monsters. It’s not much, but it’s good enough to get you into the action, where you want to be.

The one new thing Heroes Evolve brings to the table is Boosters. Creeps killed will randomly drop boosters, which can then be picked up by any hero nearby, regardless of who made the kill. These boosters come in a few colors that indicate their effect. For example, red boosters will increase your damage output, while blue ones accelerates your health regeneration. A booster in the right time and place can be a lifesaver and turn the tides of a fight between heroes, something that adds a little element of random luck to the game.

Heroes Evolved ends up being a LoL clone, but a good LoL clone with almost the exact same gameplay experience, but with a smaller community, fewer heroes and only two modes. Honestly, it can’t really compete with the big boys, but if you’re looking for a light, fun and pretty addictive MOBA to play in the office (don’t worry, I won’t tell), Heroes Evolved can fill that niche nicely.

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Over 55 Heroes are waiting for your command! Jump into this action-packed MOBA in seconds!


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