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Last Chaos grips you like a pitbull the moment you download it!
Last Chaos MMORPG is an action-packed spectacle featuring raucous entertainment and intricately detailed backdrops. This fantasy-laden massively multiplayer online game was designed and developed by Aeria Games and Nako Entertainment. The land that you’re about to enter is inhabited by two opposing forces intent on one another’s destruction. There are millions of players participating in this action adventure, and the 3-D graphics provide a mesmerizing visual display of warriors and ominous battle scenes. You have 9 unique character classes to play, and there is the option of player versus player or player versus environment gameplay. Players also offered fully comprehensive Guild support at all times and there is a trading system and unique item production system. In terms of immersion, Last Chaos is unparalleled. And to cap it off, it is 100% free to play which is a great way to get started with any MMO game.

Battle Wicked Forces and Triumph Over Adversity in Iris
You’re probably wondering what it’s all about?  First of all, you should know from the outset that this is one epic adventure like never before. You will be confronting monstrous forces, almost demonic in nature and battling against them for dominance in a war-torn world. The character development is sublime, and both male and female heroes are equipped with the ultimate fighting prowess, bravado and resources to achieve the strategic objectives of the game. Ancient temples, heroic fighters, and an ominous presence hangs over the game throughout each of the battle sequences.

Now that you know what to expect, this is what you are fighting for. The entire game is fought in a continent known as Iris. This fictitious world is the centre of the most brutal and heinous war ever to be waged. Your job as a player is to assume a persona, develop the requisite skills and fighting abilities and become a powerful force in this fantasy world. You have scores of character classes to choose from, and the game certainly ramps up the excitement no end as you play through it. For example you can gallop into battle for close combat as a Titan, a Rogue or even a Knight. Other character classes include Sorcerer, Mage and Elven Healer. Two of the latest classes to be introduced of the game are Ex-Rogue and Nightshadow.

Best Features of the Game
You can play through 184+ levels in this fabulous fantasy-themed game. It all takes place in the medieval world and it was one of the very first free to play MMO games to be released. The player versus player format includes open player versus player and duels. The crafting system in Last Chaos is sublime, but when you look at the graphics by today’s standards, they look a little antiquated. The gameplay can get a bit routine, but you should always remember that you’re playing a game that is now 10 years old. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the game: It has millions of players in its player base, so you know you have full immersion with a worldwide audience of players.

Because there are 184+ levels, you are going to be grinding away ad nauseam. The best way to move through different levels is by finding a guardian and letting them help you through the game. Fortunately, everything is accessible and user-friendly. With 9 playable classes available to you, with 2 class advancements available to each of them, there is no shortage of action packed entertainment at your fingertips. Overall, this is an impressive game, albeit a little old. The graphics are good enough for an MMO game, and it is fully downloadable. Definitely one of the goodies and it makes a strong case for grinding away through the levels because the battle scenes are pretty intense!

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Get ready to fight alongside millions of players for the ultimate conquest!


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