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The Heroes of the North are About to Arrive!
Nords: Heroes of the North is a spectacular new attraction by Plarium. This MMO strategy game packs a wallop, and you can enjoy it directly from your browser. No download is required to get started as it runs off your browser. This pulse-pounding game is based on Norse mythology, where there are scores of faction-like battles taking place all the time. Now however, all these disparate groups have united against the menacing forces of the evil Ice Queen.

During the course of the game, you will be required to build structures, manage the operations of your Kingdom, buy all the necessary upgrades, and marshal your forces for a battle royale. Fortunately, everything is easy to follow since you are directed with expert-level guides from inception throughout. There are several types of resources that you must focus on including fish, ale and mushrooms. Raiding enemy combatants and plundering their resources is key. You’ll be provided with intricate maps that will direct you to battlegrounds. Your characters will get the hottest gear to play with and all of the units under the command are effectively at your fingertips.

NordsDetail Oriented & Entertaining
Plarium has created an audio-visual spectacle with this game, and it is apparent is from the moment you hit the ground. Nords is packed full of action, and the lore is intoxicating. You can watch the action unfold in 3-D right before your eyes, direct from your browser!

You will however be required to pick a character who is essentially your champion to usher you through the quests and challenges ahead of you. This is either male or female and you have 3 types of races to choose from. These include Orcs, Northmen and Elves. Whoever you decide to take will naturally determine the look and feel of the kingdom you choose.

Plarium’s Nords: Heroes of the North features a streamlined menu and a player friendly UI. What sets this game apart from other MMO RPG games of a similar genre is the overall style of the game. There is plenty of fantasy throughout, with things like Frozen Zombies making their debut in this enticing game. The audio-visuals are sublime, especially for a free to play MMO game. The developers have burned the midnight oil to bring an incredible game to life. Along the way, you will be attacking giant beasts, battle against other players and protect your Kingdom against rampaging forces. You will however need to make maximum effort to upgrade the kingdom and the troops that you are in control of. As you advance to higher levels, so your abilities and power increase accordingly.

Stylish, creative and intoxicatingly exciting!
The land in this game is known as Shingard, and it is your sworn duty to defend it with everything you have. As you advance through different levels, so your abilities and production capabilities increases. At the end of the day however, this game is worlds apart from other similar free to play MMO game. It really is stylish to the max and it allows you to micromanage all aspects of your kingdom while offering maximum entertainment value at all times.

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Defend against the Evil Ice Queen to Safeguard your Kingdom!


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