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A Pirate’s Work is Never Done, Shiver Me Timbers, Arr!!!

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a thrill-a-minute adventure on the high seas. It is one of the most popular MMO games by Plarium, boasting millions of players all over the world. The game is first and foremost all about strategy, and to this end you will be interacting with fellow players and adversaries to strengthen your position, and expand your sphere of influence. As a Pirate, you are tasked with the construction of multiple buildings, protecting and preserving your crew and your fleet, and building a formidable defence against the rampaging forces of enemy combatants. Your pirate stronghold is everything that you hold near and dear, and the Captain’s Log will tell you precisely what you need to know to advance through the many challenging quests in Pirates: Tides of Fortune.

Resources and Discoveries
There are Seven Seas to make your way through, and each of them is laden with wild adventures and battle-hardened pirates. But before you get started, you will be required to check for sketches. It’s important to conduct as much research as you can into new discoveries as these will help you to build all the necessary fortifications and structures that you need. Among your most precious resources in the game are rum, gold and lumber. Use these wisely as they will keep your fleet and your crew happy and productive at all times. The sketches that you acquire will lead you to discoveries, and if you have the right number of resources, it’ll make it so much easier for you. Rubies are used to purchase sketches from a place known as Smuggler’s Den. The strategy component of the game relates to the manner in which you collect the resources needed to build the necessary structures, military preparedness, and to maintain a large and burgeoning number of Pirates to expand your sphere of influence.

Browser-Based Gamingpirates cat

This exciting MMO strategy game can be enjoyed direct off your browser, no download required. Since you play it off Facebook, it’s really easy to share your exploits and adventures with fellow players and invite others to come and play too. The game requires patience, planning and performance from players. You will make your way through various quests as you attempt to assert yourself and develop your pirate haven. Along the way you will assemble various types of structures such as distilleries and lumber yards, even goldmines. These provide your crew with all the resources they need to sustain themselves and advance to higher levels. Be advised that you won’t be able to simply sit around and enjoy the accolades of what’s to come; work is required at every stage of the game. There are in-game tutorials to assist you, direct you and lead you to success. It is definitely a meritocracy with Pirates: Tides of Fortune since everything you do will be handsomely rewarded. Pirates features HD graphics and stellar animation, and this is definitely something worth trying out for fans of browser-based MMO games.

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