If you’re eager for a new medieval game on your PC, Plarium just came out with Throne: Kingdom at War. Previously an iOS and Android exclusive, Throne is now available on Internet browsers everywhere, so we decided to check it out and see how it’s different from all the other medieval strategy games out there. There are a lot of them, after all.

Throne: Kingdom at War is a massively multiplayer online strategy game, as well as a city builder where to take care of your Town and troops. Gameplay-wise, Throne will be pretty familiar to fans of the genre – you construct buildings, train an army, and then send it to attack computer-controlled locations or other players’ Town for resources so you can keep expanding your own Town and army. There are plenty of units to unlock, which always helps this formula feel fresh, but for the first few levels you’ll be treading fairly familiar ground.

However, once you free yourself from the micromanaging necessary for establishing your town, you start seeing the big picture. Sure, you can keep running through the cycle of building-training-attacking-defending, and you’ll still need to do those things on a daily basis, but being a MMO, Throne offers so much more.

Let’s talk a little about the game’s surroundings and settings. There’s no way around it – Throne is one of dozens other medieval games, and its settings aren’t all that different from the rest. The kingdom of Armania recently lost its ruler, and now all the Lords are fight for control on both the throne and the land. You are one of these Lords. It’s a pretty convenient back story that does its job, but it isn’t all that inspiring. However, the game’s map, buildings, troops and characters are all beautifully designed, you’ll probably be too busy admiring them to care.

One of the cool features in the game is the Hero. The Hero is like your in-game avatar. Thanks you the game’s customization system, you can choose your Hero’s appearance, equipment (which you can also craft yourself), and skills. The Hero’s skills will boost different aspects of your troops or Town, and are a great way to mold your gaming experience to suit your play style.

The main attraction, as is with Plarium’s previous title Vikings: War of Clans, is the community and interaction between players. You can’t really take on the kingdom alone. Well, you can try but it won’t end well. You should most definitely join an existing Order, or even create one of your own if that’s more your style. Being a part of an Order (Throne’s version of a clan) will open up the best, and most rich part of the game. You’ll be able to participate in Order tournaments, massive Onslaughts and truly vie the kingdom’s throne.

Throne: Kingdom at War is a great online strategy game that works on several levels. It’s a good city builder if you’re just interested in building a Town and micromanage its resource production, it offers addictive and competitive PvP, and a large community to socialize with if you’re the friendly type. On top of all that, dedicated players will find a deep strategy experience that will suck them into a world of intrigue, politics, diplomacy, strong alliances and heart-breaking betrayals. That is where Throne really shines and rises above the competition.

Game Trailer

The throne of the kingdom of Armania sits empty. Don your armor, rise your sword and send your army of trained warriors to capture it!

Throne: Kingdom at War is currently available for free on your browser, as well as on iOS and Android devices.


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