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Vikings: War of Clans – Leading Hardcore Strategy Game
Sharp axes, grizzled beards and horned helmets – everyone loves and fears the vicious Vikings warriors. Plarium Games seem to realize that in their multiplatform MMORTS title – Vikings: War of Clans. This new strategy game puts you in the furry boots of a powerful Jarl in charge of its very own Palace and village, and tasks you with raising that Palace to greatness. How you do that, of course, is completely up to you.

Unlike most online strategy games, Vikings isn’t afraid of throwing you right into the action instead of having you go through countless tutorial missions. You’re able to build units and engage in PvP battles pretty much from the get-go, so if you’re already familiar with this type of game, you’ll get your bearings in no time and will be able to start raiding in a manner of minutes. For newcomers, Vikings still offers quite an extensive tutorial that lets you start rampaging and pillaging across the North fairly quickly.

At its heart, Vikings: War of Clans is a hardcore strategy game that blends the base management and warfare of a real-time strategy title, with the diplomacy and planning of a turn-based strategy title. You’ll build your army, expand your influence and fend off enemy attacks in real-time, while always needing to keep an eye on the bigger picture – and forming powerful alliances along the way. That basically means you can play Vikings as a fact, action-oriented RTS, or as a slower, more tactical TBS.

If you’re the type of person who likes action, you can focus on training more units, upgrading your offensive abilities, and building up your resource stockpiles through constant raiding. However, if you prefer to take your time and establish a strong Palace with great defenses and plenty of resources to assist your Clan, you can do that as well. Admittedly, this kind of freedom in Strategy games isn’t rare, but it is always appreciated.


In both cases, you’ll want to find yourself a good Clan to join. I tried playing the game by myself, and while it’s possible, I discovered I missed quite a bit without a Clan at my back. Let’s put aside the fact that having people to share in your victories is always fun; I’m talking about actual gameplay benefits that come from being a part of a group. It starts with additional challenges, tournaments and rewards, but as a part of a Clan you’ll truly be able to leave your mark on the game world and be a part of many in-game pivotal moments. There are also many other benefits to enjoy as part of a strong Clan – too many for me to count. Lets just say that in order to get the best out Vikings: War of Clans, you need to embrace the social side of this MMO.

Vikings: War of Clans is fast-paced, tactical, and empowering – everything a good real-time strategy game needs to be. You know that old cliche “Easy to learn, hard to master”? Vikings is exactly that, mostly thanks to the level of freedom in gameplay it offers. True, you probably have to be into the whole “savage warriors” thing to fully enjoy the game’s vibe and aesthetics, but who isn’t, really?

Vikings: War of Clans is currently available for free on your browser, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Step into the furry boots of a mighty Viking warrior, and send your armies to conquer, pillage and rule the entire North!


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