War Thunder Score

Top Features of War Thunder

  • Highly detailed audio-visuals and historically accurate military equipment
  • 600 realistic all-terrain vehicles, aircraft, tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft vehicles etc.
  • Fully functional across multiple platforms including PS4, personal computers, Mac and Linux
  • Incredible player versus environment battle scenes with single player functionality and multiplayer functionality too
  • Immerse yourself in high octane battle sequences regardless of your skill level

You Are About to Enter a War Zone – Prepare Yourself for Battle!
If you’re a history buff, or you just enjoy high-calibre weapons, tanks, dive bombers, warships and the like, War Thunder is your MMO game of choice. This cross-platform game features combat from inception to the final shelling. You will be immersed in a game so explosive, that you’ll be ducking and diving for cover every step of the way. Don’t be fooled, this game packs a serious punch and players the world over swear by it. You will be involved in all aspects of war including massive battles that actually took place in the Korean War as well as WWII. This is the real deal – get suited up because war is coming to you!

Cross-Functional Gaming For Maximum Exhilaration
Among others, this game is ideally suited to players on PS4s, personal computers, Linux and Mac devices. The user interface is sublime and the range of combat operations is second to none. You will have access to realistic battle sequences, authentic aircraft, vehicles, tanks and so forth. You will need to learn all the skills required to handle such awesome firepower in War Thunder. There is so much attention to detail in this game, that you’ll never be wanting for any other war strategy game. Whether you’re seeking land-based battles or air combat missions – you will find it all in abundance in this top-tier gaming title.

Exciting New Features Coming to War Thunder
Best of all, this game is played to maximum advantage without real money. It is possible to purchase Golden Eagles which is the currency that is used in the game which helps you do train your airmen, tank corps, infantry and officers quicker. However you gain all of your experience by actually competing in battle. However you can also purchase a premium account in War Thunder by using the Golden Eagles which can be bought or earned. As many as 32 players can be divided up into 2 teams during the majority of game modes. And since the game is a free to play MMO strategy game, no subscription is needed and no download is needed either. The game is currently in open beta stage and a naval component will be implemented in the near future.

Game Trailer

The Battle is on! Prepare to fight!


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