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What is the Game about?
A cyber-ninja fighting mercenaries, robots, aliens, or any combination of the three, is a guaranteed recipe for a good time. It also the basic premise of Warframe, a four-player cooperative shooter by Digital Extremes. This action game provides a somewhat fresh take on the online shooter shtick by introducing acrobatics and melee weapons to the mix, although everything else is pretty much what you’d expect from a third-person online shooter.

You will be playing as a member of the Tenno, a race of ancient space ninjas with a single purpose – to fight the three warring groups in the solar system. These are the Grineer, a race of mad and broken human clones; the Corpus, a technologically advanced group that collects ancient and powerful technology; and the Infested, who are basically space zombies made of flesh and machine. As you might have guessed, the story isn’t a major component of Warframe, and is mostly there just to provide some sort of path for the player to follow. Still, it’s as good an excuse as any to go out there and destroy waves of enemies in fast-paced action.

Pros & Cons
Fast-paced is the best thing I can say about the action, and the gameplay in general. As you shoot and slash your way through the enemy-filled environments, you can use your character’s natural agility to unleash an array of slides, jump kicks, wall runs, leaping slashes and more to destroy anything in your way. All these maneuvers are really fun to pull off and make the rudimentary gameplay of running and shooting become much more addictive. It actually almost makes up for the repetitive environments and objective.

Many of the environments and levels in Warframe tend to repeat themselves during the course of the game. After a handful of missions you’ll start seeing the same place over and over again. You’ll admittedly do different things each time (well, most of the time), but you won’t be able to shake the strong feeling of Deja vu you’ll experience. Even the objectives you are after don’t really matter, so what you end up doing is fighting endless waves of the same enemies. A little variety in enemy types might have helped the game’s lasting appeal, but unless the combat gets you desperately hook, you might be bored of the game rather quickly.

Fortunately, the suits your cyber ninja wears, or warframes as they called, add a much needed variety and help the combat become even more interesting. Each warframe has a distinct look to it, and unlocks a different ability. You can turn invisible, create a decoy, or even take control on enemies and make them fight for you. You play style can change drastically depending on which warframe you equip, and the more you upgrade them, the better they can perform during battle. However, getting new suits can be quite the drag if you’re unwilling to spend some money to acquire them through the Market. You’ll need to find blueprints, collect resources and craft each part separately, until you can assemble the final suit in a lengthy process. Even then you’ll need to start upgrading it before you can use it in advanced missions, meaning that each time you get a new warframe, you have to start grinding low level missions just to get it up to snuff.

Thankfully, you can grind together with up to three players in the game’s four-player co-op mode. In general, playing alone through Warframe isn’t all that fun or rewarding. You can pull off the early missions on your own pretty easily, but once you get further along and reach more difficult missions, you want to have a few friends to back you up. The action is also much better when you have four cyber ninjas flying around the place, each with its own set of abilities and weapons.

Warframe delivers an incredibly fun, even addictive combat. The different weapons, suits, and maneuvers come together to create a fast-paced shooter that you don’t usually see in the free-to-play market. However, the game repeats itself just a little too much, and the slow character progression can make for a somewhat frustrating experience after a while.

Game Trailer

Cyber ninjas cutting down space zombies. What more can you ask for?

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