World of Tanks

Awesome to the Extreme!
When it comes to MMO gaming, there is nothing that compares to an action-packed adventure like World of Tanks. You are thrust into a warzone where massive ordnance is exploding before you – the adrenaline-loaded force that you’re about to experience is epic in every sense of the word. There are steel giants as far as the eye can see, with as many as 300+ tanks for you to choose from. The historical accuracy of the machinery and equipment is bang on. If you’re looking for fast-paced thrill rides, World of Tanks is everything and more. The intro to the game will reel you in hook, line and sinker. The animation in the game is so realistic that you’d be hard-pressed to doubt its authenticity. It brings the rush of the battlefield direct to your screen with jarring effect.

WW2 Tank Action – Rough and Raw
The game is set during World War II and the accuracy of the munitions, tanks and battle scenes is dazzling. As you would expect from a game involving tanks, strategy is all important. It should be noted that teamwork is at the heart of this game and you will use a combination of diplomacy and brute force – whatever gets the job done. World of Tanks was released on 12 April 2011, and is relatively archaic in the ever-evolving world of MMO games. You will have upwards of 30 players in every match that you’re involved in and the social interactivity is second to none. The PvP battles are monstrous, and the game is reminiscent of other titles like World of Warships and even World of Warplanes. If you scrutinize the tanks and the battle scenes and most all of the action, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high level of accuracy that you see. There are different countries participating in this World War II tank game – all of them in fact – including Japan, Germany, the USSR, China, the United Kingdom, the USA and France.

When it comes to raw tonnage, there is so much for you to enjoy including tank destroyers, light, medium and heavy tanks and artillery. Getting started is a snap – click the battle button then it’s game on. There are different types of gaming modes for you to work your way through, and newbies will relish the prospect of newcomer battles. The graphics are pretty detailed, and they provide you with information on enemy teams, your team, weather phenomena, visibility and so forth. Watch out for things like clan wars – the component of the game that you play directly off your browser. During this segment of the game, the global map is subdivided and each of the clans is tasked with defeating as many of the other clans as possible. Strongholds are terrific for getting your hands on all sorts of industrial resources. You’ll be able to build whatever is needed to generate reserves for your clan. Everything is strategic in nature, and since this is a World War II game, you know that the right tactics and strategy are essential to surviving and living to fight another day. You will need to marshal your troops effectively, build alliances with other players and be ruthless when it comes to dispatching of your enemies.

World of Tanks – Punching Through Walls of Steel
Be advised that a good knowledge of tanks goes a long way in World of Tanks. You should make an effort to be as unpredictable as possible, to avoid detection and to prevent your forces from being boxed in by the enemy. By effectively using strategy, you can bulldoze your way through enemy fortifications – obliterate them to smithereens, and rack up plenty of rewards in the process. As you would expect – different types of tanks are associated with different types of abilities and features. Light tanks are ideally suited for quick movement across rugged terrain but they are not good for heavy battle. And by the same token, heavy tanks are no good for reconnaissance but they are ideal for punching through enemy frontlines. It’s all about picking the right tools for the job and with World of Tanks – you are blessed with awesome firepower.

Pros of the Game

  • On the upside, it is highly competitive and loaded with real-money prizes.
  • Detail-oriented tanks and battle scenes – veterans of WW2 would be proud
  • Expertly crafted MMO entertainment – the serious enthusiast will not be disappointed

Cons of the Game

  • Be prepared to grind your way through many complex interactions with fellow players.
  • This is a game of real strategy and it takes lots of time and effort to learn the ins and outs
  • It may be free to play, but the many pay to play elements. Currency comes in the form of silver and gold, with the latter being available for purchase with real money.

Game Trailer

Get ready for bone-crunching tonnage like you’ve never seen before!


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