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World of Warships Comes Steaming in at Breakneck Speed… Sorta!!
Before it was known as World of Warships, this game went by the name World of Battleships. In any event, it’s the same great game. This MMO action-adventure is free to play and laden with behemoths of the ocean. Of course, we’re talking about battleships, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. Such is the appeal of this Naval-themed strategy game that you simply can’t go wrong with’s list of titles. You may recall World of Warplanes and World of Tanks? That’s the caliber of gaming quality that you can expect when you power up and play World of Warships. The game is rated M for mature and carries an ESRB rating of 17+. It is an MMO TPS game with Player versus Player functionality and it is historically based. The great thing about this game is that it is free to play and there is no monthly fee applicable to the game.

Features of World of Warships
Since this game has historical significance, most everything you see in the game really existed, or does exist. Things like the USS Hornet aircraft carrier are out in full force. There are also loads of team battles, exciting new skills on deck and new maps for players to enjoy. As a free to play combat game, you get to be the commander of an epic naval fleet which actually includes the great ships and vessels of the time. Your goal as you might expect is complete domination of the world’s oceans and to do so, you must level up to the max as you play through different modules and levels, engage other players and sink those who seek your destruction. World of Warships is laden with features, and there is no shortage of upgrades available to you. The environment is world-class and non-stop action is yours to enjoy.

As part of the series of military games, you know that tactical prowess and strategic dominance will help you to cut a swath through your enemies and lead your military forces to victory. The best features of the game are in the minor details. If you look long and hard, you will see how much effort has been expended in creating the ultimate backdrops, detail and accuracy. Some of the aircraft carriers, naval vessels and others that you will see include the Kongo, the USS Albany, the USS New York, Zuiho, Myoko, the USS Montana, the Baltimore, the USS Independence, the USS North Carolina, and the Minekaze among others.

Your destroyers are the quickest of your ships, sporting light armor and massive ordnance. These carry the torpedoes that sink aircraft carriers. Your cruisers are multipurpose ships and they have aircraft launchers, anti-aircraft weapons and torpedoes. They are capable of firing at a high rate, and they are ideal for applying pressure on opposition forces. Aircraft carriers are like floating cities with lots of aircraft stationed on them. They don’t have strong armor, but the fighter planes on them are capable of decimating enemy forces. Of course, when you think of World of Warships your mind probably harkens to the Battleships. These are the monsters of the sea – they are firepower incarnate. Battleships have everything you could ever imagine and more. They do what they want because they can – but they are sitting ducks at times because they’re slow to maneuver.

How the Game Rates
When you are looking for an MMO game that hits hard and delivers time and time again – World of Warships is your pick. There are loads of pros to this game including the levels of realism, the audio-visuals, the historical accuracy, the awesome firepower, and thousands of players on at any given time. You can enjoy PVP combat with full strategic play at all times. Some of the best features include a unified platform where you can transfer resources from any of the series including World of Warplanes, World of Tanks and World of Warships. The epic battles steal the show – there are no two ways about it.

But the thing you will love most about the game are the 20th century warships and all the features that they come with. Depending on which type of ship you choose to start off with, you will enjoy a different experience in the game. Some are big and clunky, while others are light and rapid. It may take a while to find your niche but invariably you will. The only downside that I could find with the game was that several classes of ships were really slow and it detracts a little from the fun that you could have by choosing cruisers and destroyers over aircraft carriers and battleships. Overall, this is a pure strategy game when you get into it and it’s great free to play MMO action.

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From Alaska to the South Pacific, the Oceans are the New Battleground!


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